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Why Lumenate?

Lumenate delivers customized, integrated virtual storage solutions targeted to address each customer’s unique business needs. What sets us apart? Expertise, experience and dedication to our customers’ success.


Lumenate combines the brightest, experienced talent with proven and longstanding manufacturing partnerships to provide expert solutions. We work directly with manufacturers to ensure we understand their offerings – not just at a high level, but the details, which often prove to be critical.


Lumenate invests heavily in technology, maintaining two large lab environments. While the labs are certainly used for demonstrations, they are also used to train our staff, perform proof-of-concept engagements and to support our existing customers. The value of this type of resource is immeasurable; we do not need to learn at your location and at your expense.


In our view, customers do not engage with Lumenate to perform a series of steps but rather to reach an end state. Our team takes this view in every engagement, and this mentality enables us to overcome obstacles that often stop others in their tracks.

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Extreme VDI testing yields crazy results.


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Backup Health Check

We provide proficient resources, tailored solutions, and specific recommendations to yield maximum benefits for our clients.

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