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BusinessFlex Services

Business Model Flexibility

Lumenate employs a Go-To-Market strategy that is founded upon three basic elements: Senior Level consultants, converged networking expertise and Business Model Flexibility. Business Model Flexibility is a proprietary Lumenate solutions approach that is anchored on the premise of providing the best architectural approach to maximize both CAPEX and OPEX spending. We realize that nearly two-thirds of the actual spend in technology comes from the ownership discipline; how you consume, own and operate the technology architecture plays a critical role in producing a cost-effective outcome.

BusinessFlex services for Professional Services and SLA-Based Services including Storage and Virtualization, Security and Compliance, and Networking and Collaboration

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Lumenate offers the following Solution Delivery options as to maximize this value:

icon-gearsTraditional (On Premise) – Our Traditional approach is based on procurement and delivery, implementation and architecture. We examine the technology in comparison to the business need and when it makes sense for the customer to own and operate the purchase on premise, we follow with this recommendation. With the traditional approach, the customer maintains title to the purchased hardware and software, buys maintenance and services from Lumenate on an as needed basis.

icon-2wayarrowReactive – This solutions approach is best for customers who have high levels of internal support expertise and want a ‘hands-on’ approach to operating and managing. In this model, we provide reactive services to augment and complement your resources in an effort to lower cost and increase service levels. The customer may choose to engage Lumenate on a Time and Materials basis or purchase a block of hours for certain types of expertise in Storage, Networking, Security and Virtualization. With Reactive services from Lumenate, customers can avoid making additional hires for internal staff by relying upon out-tasking services from Lumenate. The result is lower cost without employing full-time expertise.

icon-2arrowsCo-Delivered – This solutions approach leverages the investment Lumenate has made with certain technology OEMs to provide a more personal experience with support. Because Lumenate is a top-tier vendor with McAfee, Symantec, Cisco, Hitachi, NetApp, EMC, VMware and other core partners, we are able to train our staff to a vendor-certified level to take Level 1 calls from our Operations Command Center. Working with a smaller number of well-known accounts allows us to utilize our knowledge base and combine it with ITIL-based Service Delivery and Cataloguing to provide a lower-cost option to vendor-specific support. Calls to our 800 number and emails to our alias will be triaged by engineers who have a customer-service focus. Our engineers are cross-trained on more than one OEM and work in teams to solve problems that are more than just ‘single vendor specific.’ Because we work with a smaller set of localized customers, we will not have to ‘start from scratch’ when you open a ticket and we won’t pass blame for problems that are multi-vendor in nature. Our team is measured by our ability to remedy problems regardless of vendor and will interact on your behalf with the various vendors involved, ranging from Layer 1 to Layer 7. Our team is trained and certified at the same level as the vendor, responsible and graded for their ability to own-to-resolution, have customer service as a key metric for performance, know your account specifics and are cross-trained.

icon-2peopleManaged – Our managed model takes full advantage of Lumenate’s investment and training in Process, Tools, Knowledge Repositories and Best Practices. This solutions delivery option is best for customers who want to maintain focus on key competencies of the business core requirements and are willing to partner with an outside firm to deliver SLA-based monitoring and management. Leveraging our investment in Customer Service-focused ITIL based Service Desk, Lumenate employs a number of diagnostic tools to chart, measure and monitor customer-owned and 3rd party-owned infrastructure. In this model we will create an SLA based contract with the customer based on their internal metrics for success transparency. Our staff will manage and monitor on a 7/24 level of granularity agreed-upon with the end customer. We can be responsible for routine workloads and will also produce a set of reports that are available real-time via secure privileged portal access. Additionally, we will meet with the customer quarterly to review the findings, point out important trend lines and make recommendation for improvement. Consuming these services on a monthly basis allows the end user to forgo costly capital expense and one-time purchases for management tools, personnel and training that would normally be a requirement to own and operate the network-based assets responsibly. We provide this option at a cost-competitive level because we can realize economies-of-scale with our Service Desk Team, our knowledge-based repositories and our diagnostic toolsets and best practices.

icon-plusglobeIT-as-a-Service – It is well understood the many technologies are best consumed as-a-service. Recent developments and advances in IT procurement have enabled massive savings in CAPEX by consumers. Networking, Security, Storage and Virtualization technologies that once could only be consumed in aggregate are now available for consumption on an ‘as-consumed’ basis. Lumenate team members will collect and analyze for our customers the information required to make recommendations on what technologies should and could be consumed as-a-service. Further, and with emphasis, we do not have a bias or a predisposition to sell our clients any technology in a form factor other than the one that makes greatest business sense for them. We have built a neutral compensation policy that allows Lumenate to advocate for our customer’s best interests independent from hidden vendor rebates. This is an important distinction that aligns our architectural and delivery outcomes and objectives with our clients highest and best use practices. Lumenate currently has as-a-service offerings for Security, Storage, Virtualization and Networking solutions.

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