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Perimeter Security

Protecting a corporation from the threats of spyware continues to top the list of corporate security priorities. Perimeter security addresses security at the periphery of any private network, right where it connects to public Internet. Gateway firewalls enforce access control policies that govern which information enters and leaves an organization's network.

Web Security
Web security solutions protect against spyware, malicious mobile code, phishing attacks, bots and other threats. Unlike many others, Lumenate’s Web security solutions also block spyware and keylogger backchannel communications from reaching their host servers. In addition, Web security solutions can provide protection for your company's Web sites, brands and Web servers.

Email Security
Organization without appropriate email security often experience commercial and legal ramifications. It's imperative for companies of all sizes to ensure continuous protection against inbound and outbound email threats, including spam, viruses, blended threats, data loss and regulatory violations.

Intrusion Prevention
Corporate intrusion prevention systems guard your organization’s network and alert you to any malicious activity. It detects and blocks unauthorized actions that might hinder, damage, incapacitate or breach the security of your network. Intrusion prevention solutions work in real-time while allowing approved traffic through.

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