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MASH (Medical Architecture Services in Healthcare) is a healthcare focused Division of Lumenate.

Lumenate Medical Architecture Services for HealthcareLumenate is a Technical Consulting, Integration and Managed Service Provider firm, enabling Business Model Flexibility via nCubed™ - Now - Next - Nirvana

nCubed™ methodology (Now - Next - Nirvana) is an award winning consulting based offering focused on the 4P’s, Process - Policy - People - Product.

We enable our clients by Consulting, Architecting, Deploying and Managing their Virtual Infrastructure/Cloud, Networking, Security, Collaboration and Mobile solutions to meet the applications demands of the clinician-led end user. With OneLumenate we Architect - Protect - Connect your health facility, physicians network and labs to enable a service provider model for healthcare I.T..

Lumenate provides Strategic Technical Direction and Consulting Services to both prepare and enable our clients for the unique challenges of today’s Health Information Technology environment and the various interdependencies that are associated with the unique technical landscape within healthcare. . As a Strategic Partner that is aligned with EMR applications, HIT, HIE and analytics, we provide a unique consultative and actionable approach to the effective use of technology for a clinician led community through, independent perspectives, executive education and unbiased advice to help facilitate decision making that can be instantly measured.

As a firm, Lumenate understands that healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all industry; what works for one provider will not necessarily work for another. When we engage with a healthcare organization, our first goal is to understand the provider’s strengths and capabilities, the populations they serve, their experience with improving care and reducing costs, and their performance relative to others in the market.

We also know that healthcare is a local business, with markets evolving in very different ways and presenting a diverse range of opportunities. These can include various combinations of Medicare ACO’s, Commercial Global Capitation, Bundled Payments, Dual Eligible Programs, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medical Homes, and Complex Care Carve-Outs. Our CORE values begin from the start, we focus on Cost, Operational, Risk, and Efficiency.

Healthcare is in flux. To take a Vision to Validation requires innovation at all phases keeping these four principles of successful adoption to heart:

  • Focus on what can be done now
  • Design projects to learn or prove something
  • Speed up execution with short-duration, limited scope and limited investment projects.
  • Get out of your office, off the computer, and learn first hand from experts and patients.

Lumenate MASH Unit Innovating at the Front-Lines of Healthcare I.T.

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Medical Architecture Services in Healthcare (MASH)

From infrastructure design, integration, support, and cloud-structured enablement, Lumenate’s award-winning consultants provide unique technical and business insight and execution that add measurable value to healthcare facilities and practices.

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Lumenate’s MASH UNIT (Medical Architecture Services in Healthcare) is bringing innovation to the front lines of Healthcare IT.

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