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Lumenate ManageFlex

Studies show that between 65% and 85% of the total cost of ownership of IT infrastructure is related to operations and support.

At Lumenate, we believe that the selection of the best technology solution for your business or organization is only part of the puzzle. Considerations for how best to consume that technology, and then how to operate and optimize that technology will likely play a larger role in the total cost of ownership and ultimately the value that is received. Are the right tools in place? Is there trained staff with capacity? What are the demands of the business for availability? Are there compliance factors to consider?

Lumenate’s ManageFlex Services are focused on providing a robust platform for both the delivery and operations of technology solutions. With our Business Model Flexibility approach, we work with our customers to define the most appropriate methods for technology consumption and operations, and leverage our mature service delivery capabilities to make that a reality.




The demands on the infrastructure are growing — expectations for application availability are constant.

Lumenate’s approach is to consult with our customers to evaluate their requirements for system availability and performance, the size and abilities of their teams, and identify needs for systems monitoring and reporting. With this information, we can then apply the right set of services from Lumenate’s Service Catalog that will deliver a result to the business that lowers costs, improves service levels, and lowers overall risk to the business.

Lumenate’s manageFlex PULSE services address the needs for high performance and availability through the disciplines of Management, Monitoring and Maintenance. We can deliver these services individually or collectively, based on the unique needs of each customer.

  Manage Monitor Maintain mCubed
Weekly Log Reviews  yes-included-checkmark     yes-included-checkmark 
Administration  yes-included-checkmark     yes-included-checkmark 
Services Desk
 yes-included-checkmark      yes-included-checkmark
Desktop Support  yes-included-checkmark      yes-included-checkmark
Desktop Patching
(OS and AV)
yes-included-checkmark     yes-included-checkmark 
Incident Management
 yes-included-checkmark  yes-included-checkmark    yes-included-checkmark
Telco and Vendor Escalation  yes-included-checkmark      
On-Site Support        yes-included-checkmark
Availability and Performance Monitoring    yes-included-checkmark    yes-included-checkmark
Configuration Backups    yes-included-checkmark   yes-included-checkmark
Audit Recordings
Device Changes
  yes-included-checkmark     yes-included-checkmark
Device Details    yes-included-checkmark   yes-included-checkmark 
Inventory Reports    yes-included-checkmark   yes-included-checkmark 
Audit Reports    yes-included-checkmark    yes-included-checkmark
Network Reports    yes-included-checkmark   yes-included-checkmark 
Summary and Executive Reports    yes-included-checkmark   yes-included-checkmark 
Quarterly Health Checks      yes-included-checkmark  yes-included-checkmark
System Patching and Updating      yes-included-checkmark yes-included-checkmark 
Future Planning      yes-included-checkmark yes-included-checkmark 



What if you could have better support for the same cost?

With the manageFlex FIRST services, our customers get the benefit of faster resolution of issues, with the ability to call direct into a tier 2 support team that is versed in the customer deployment and highly experienced and certified in the technology solution. Our vendors maintain strict criteria in order to participate in these programs. Lumenate’s depth in technical consulting along with maturity of service delivery procedures allow us to consistently receive customer satisfaction awards through the delivery of exceptional FIRST services to our customers.

Lumenate is certified to provide manageFlex FIRST services for Cisco, Symantec and NetApp.



We’ve heard your struggles and have answers.


  • Too many security tools, not getting enough value
  • Not enough people to manage or respond
  • Increased responsibility for compliance adherence and reporting
  • Radical increase in malware attacks


  • Security/Compliance/Reporting – VISION for SIEM
  • Incident Response & Recovery – VISION for FLUENCY®



  • Hosted SIEM solution powered by McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM)
  • Client access to customizable ESM dashboards and extensive reporting
  • 24x7x365 verification from Lumenate Security Operations Center (SOC) to validate and escalate security incidents
  • Delivery of detailed incident reporting with incident scoping and steps to remediate


  • Wire-speed big data analysis for security events
  • Advanced Response and Recovery Architecture (RRA)
  • 1B event per day analysis engine
  • Search data at the speed of Google
  • Real-time validation of incidents through artifact and attribute lookups
  • SOC scopes the incident and manages to closure



Lumenate’s manageFlex ON DEMAND services – when it doesn’t make business sense to own and operate infrastructure.

 Lumenate ManageFlex OnDemand including Certified vMedicloud, Iaas for Web and Email, and Hosted Collaboration

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