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Internal Security

Because a significant amount of an organization's intellectual capital resides on employee computers, protecting corporate desktops is a high-priority concern. Lumenate can tailor a multi-layered solution that complements traditional security investments and goes one step further to anticipate and automatically address these threats to desktop computers.

Lumenate’s service-driven approach enables our team of consultants to design and implement customized, integrated security solutions that enhance IT’s value to business.

Email programs are the most common means of virus propagation, delivering the vast majority of common viruses and virus-like threats. Popular instant messaging programs and file-sharing networks are also credited with spreading viruses and circulating malicious code. How can you keep your company’s networks safe from these threats? Lumenate has joined with best-of-breed technology partners to deliver the most potent corporate antivirus solutions available

Anti-spyware and Anti-malware
Malware is malicious software – including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware and any unwanted programs – designed to infiltrate and damage computers without the user's informed consent. Spyware programs collect personal information, such as Internet surfing habits and sites visited. They can also installing unwanted software, redirect Web browser activity, access harmful Web sites or divert advertising revenue to a third party. Spyware can even change computer settings, resulting in slow connection speeds and loss of Internet access. Lumenate offers complete corporate antispyware services and malware protection.

Lumenate anti-spam solutions block and filter unwanted spam automatically. Because several methods for stopping spam are highly effective—including authentication, DNS-based blacklists, and rule-based filtering – you may need help identifying the best options for your organization. Lumenate security experts apply deep knowledge and experience to find and install the most effective spam blockers.

Web Filtering
Protect your company from the problems associated with uncontrolled Web access – ranging from lost business to lost productivity. Let Lumenate show you how Web filtering can protect users from malicious programs, questionable content and irrelevant Web sites.

Managed Services
A multi-dimensional, layered approach to security – using a combination of products and services – is by far the best way to ensure complete protection. Through the management of your firewall, anti-virus, content filtering and other security measures, Lumenate's managed services will:

  • Eliminate security exposures
  • Prevent unauthorized network entry
  • Ensure data integrity and confidentiality
  • Reduce IT operating costs
  • Strengthen operational support

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