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Lumenate enables Technical Leadership

The Software-Defined Datacenter (SDD)


As the technical leader of your business, you are always looking at ways to consolidate and reduce operational costs while maintaining high levels of service and anticipating future needs.

Illuminating, understanding and resolving your needs as a technical leader is what Lumenate has focused on from the beginning. Our proven approach begins with a methodology we call nCubed™—Now. Next. Nirvana.

Why nCubed™?

  • Drive down operational costs and risk
  • Gain the benefits of Virtualization that are progressively evolving
  • Flexible, scalable and always available access to data
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Let Lumenate design, architect + operationalize your cloud strategy


Public, private or hybrid?

Meet Ian, fearless, middle-management technical leader for a growing company. To be successful, Ian has to ensure that resources are deployed towards technology that will expand business, meet corporate governance and compliance requirements as well as address long-term corporate objectives.

Lumenate's nCubed™ methodology provides Ian with a proven, practical approach for aligning the business objectives with an improved process and appropriate technology at the precise time and budget to achieve success in a secured cloud environment— Nirvana?

May be not, but Ian believes it's a step in the right direction.

A full-spectrum of expertise:

  • Award-winning consulting firm focused on customer enablement via process-driven technology solutions
  • Proven methodology rooted in Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) principles
  • Service-Oriented IT approach bridges infrastructure-application delivery of modern IT

Lumenate's nCubed™ proven methodology works


nCubed™ methodology defined:

  • Now —Complete assessment including mapping the current state including key processes and underlying infrastructure
  • Next — Create a roadmap to reach your 1, 3 and 5-year goal(s)
  • Nirvana — Define the ideal end-state based on established goals, analyze, create a blueprint and finalize a service catalog

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What Now?

Contact us to help you set the direction of technology and then implement the necessary changes to assure complete and rapid implementation.

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Our nCubed Methodology

Our proven approach begins with a methodology we call nCubed

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