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Data Protection

Whether it's trade secrets, software code, design specifications, patient records, employee information, or customer data, your data is your business. Protecting it is ours. Lumenate’s Information Security Specialists offer several complete data protection services that drive down risk and operational costs.

Data Loss Prevention
Lumenate’s Data Loss Prevention Software and other solutions are designed to detect and prevent the unauthorized transmission of information from an organization’s computer systems to outsiders.

Encryption Technology
Lumenate is pleased to offer several encryption technology solutions. Before you make an encryption decision, Lumenate can help you think through your needs around the following encryption requirements:

  • Data Encryption
  • Email Encryption
  • FTP Encryption
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Mobile Data Encryption
  • Network Data Encryption
  • Command Line Encryption

Authentication solutions can help defend consumers from identity fraud. It can also help an organization defend and manage the risk of online services. Lumenate believes that a layered defense against online attacks – using multiple types of authentication at the right level of security – is critical to maintaining consumer confidence in online services.

Laptop Theft and Recovery
More than 600,000 cases of laptop theft are reported each year, resulting in a $5 billion loss of proprietary information. According to the FBI, 97 percent of these stolen computers and laptops are never recovered. The likelihood of information being breached grows with the time a computer has been missing. By recovering a device, an organization contains the problem and minimizes future exposure.

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